Paladian Danse

The rain acted like the tears he should have been shedding and it shot against his skin with such force that Danse felt numb to the world around him but the pain in his chest was more powerful than ever. His bruised heart pounded from inside and his lungs could never seem to get enough air…

The shame, the humiliation. His angst: it crawled into the back of his mind travelling through his aching spine. And as he fought more, he found less strength to move. The pain was almost crippling. The loneliness even more so. To him, he had nothing left to live for. The Brotherhood of Steel had been the life he lived for. The passion that kept him moving forwards; but now there was a steel wall blocking him and it was them. His own life. It hit him so hard and he had fell so far. His life… His purpose had now been taken from him.

And now all the rain could do was cover up what he had become. What he has always been.

He was a machine and machines didn’t cry.

“Well”, he though. “At least I can pretend for a little while longer.”

He just wished for the first time in his life that it could be real.